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Recognizing the Military

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In every home where resides a member of the Armed Forces, whether active or retired, an award deserves to be.  This award relates to their involvement in the service and the sacrifice that they have made for their country. From a simple thank you to something more elaborate to have in their home to remind each member of the gratefulness that we have for loyalty to our country.  Each member deserves to be appreciated! If you are in the military, retiring from the military or want to honor someone in the military, a military award is a great idea. Contact us at TL's Trophies...

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Award Trophies, Not Participants

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    Here at TL's Trophies we would like to encourage acknowledgement, not just participation.  Regardless of the player, each team member brings an individual quality to the team.  For baseball, you may recognize the big swinger, golden glove, hustle award, etc.  For basketball: Best defense, sportsmanship, best percentage, most free throws.   Here are a few other ideas that can work for a variety of sports.    Most Valuable Player Every team has a “most valuable player” (sometimes even two). Decide who is best to fit the bill and award that player with his very own football trophy, acknowledging the...

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Halloween Trophies In Stock

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It’s that time of year again: HALLOWEEN!   I’m sure you’re on the lookout for a fun and unique Halloween costume that will make a lasting impression.  This year, when hosting a costume party, give your guest something to take home.  Maybe add a little competition to your Halloween Costume Party.  Give your party goers something to remember your Halloween Bash by.  Get a customized trophy with free engraving from TL's Trophies to have the best party in town.  Call us today.  615-895-9012 or order online at  Add categories: scariest, most fun, spooky, etc.  We can tier trophies for 1st, 2nd, 3rd...

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Football 2014

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Welcome to Football 2014!!!  We love football season.  Our post is short and sweet for football.  Our "Catch a Good Deal" trophy is our comet resin football award.  Check it out, order, and get free engraving.  Trophy is only $6.99, so get one for the entire league!

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